Website is a double-edged sword. It is a part of marketing that is needed, but sometimes we are a bit lost, as we cannot utilize the website to its max. In the end, the website will become an abandoned project that will unnecessarily suck expenses unless they are taken care of properly.

To get a useful website, it is important for us to know its purpose, even from the beginning. For this reason, we will give some tips for graphic design agencies to start a website perfectly so that it can be used efficiently in the future.

1. What is the Purpose?

The most important first step is to know the purpose of the website. Will it is used for selling, or will it be used to give information only? Will the website be there just for the sake of the company profile (not recommended), or will it be the source of everything, from announcements to the latest sale? Knowing the purpose of the website will help you have a gist of how the website will be.

2. Who will See it?

The second step is to know who will be the website’s audience. Knowing the audience is a pivotal role, as it will help us decide many things that will make the website development. From the website's layout, UX design, to the content, everything will be decided based on the audience. So, it’s best for us to understand who they are.

3. What Kind of Content will You Put?

As stated before, the content will be decided by the audience visiting the website. However, we as graphic design agencies should remember the main purpose of the content and stick to it. To make it even better, present the main content in such a way that they will apparel to the audience. Now that is what we call the perfect combination.

4. What is its Niche?

Niche is the kind of topic you will put. For example, if the website is about baking, stick with backing. It will keep your website focused and also boosts the website’s rank on Google Search.

5. What Makes the Website Unique?

This is probably the hardest part. There are billions of websites out there that probably have the same purpose and content as yours. Now, what makes you different from the billions? The audience will definitely be built up over time, however, a unique concept that will make the website is definitely welcomed, as it will lessen the competition and make you stand out among the rest.

6. Who will Regularly Update the Website?

Now that the foundation of the website has been laid out, here comes the million-dollar question: who will update the website regularly?

Updating the website and keeping up with the latest trend is important, as people will use their website for the source of their needed content. The person who updates the website should understand the questions that come before this so that they can utilize the website to the max.

We hope the steps above can be a guide for graphic design agencies to start their or the clients’ websites effectively.