UX design is one of the hot trends right now that will be getting more and more spotlight. Hence, graphic design agencies need to understand everything related to UX design, from the process to create one to the latest trend on UX design.

In this article, we will talk about the process of creating UX design.

1. Understanding

Understanding the design is the most important of all. To create the Perfect Design, you will need to know the purpose of the design. Unless you know what the problem is, you will not be able to find the solution.

The first step starts with brainstorming. What is the problem, and what should we do to be able to solve the problem using our design? in graphic design agencies, brainstorming is usually done within the team. The team will usually brainstorm together so that they can compile the ideas proposed by each member. Later, they will select the best ideas, and then choose the most appropriate one for the problem.

2. Researching

Researching is the most important because it is the start that will help you shape the design. This is where you will create your guideline, research competitors, and find out whether the proposed features will be feasible if they are applied to the outside world. It is also where you will do some research regarding the market and the latest UX design trend. So, we will not only get the best design for the product, but we will also create fashionable designs that are attractive to the eyes while also functional at the same time.

3. Sketching

Sketching is related to the UI feature of the UX design. During design, designers will pay attention to the features that will be included in the design. Examples of the features are the icons,  the font, the background color of the design, and many more. It is the artistic part of the UX design.

There is creative freedom during the stage. However, it should be noted that the design should be able to blend itself into the overall UX design properly. The artistic design should not hinder the overall performance of the UX design. No matter what. The main priority is the functionality of the UX design.

4. Designing

The fourth process is the creation of the UX design. We have gotten everything, from the ideas to the research and the artistic side of the design. Now, it's time to bring it to life during the creation of the design.

Designing is a pivotal process since it is where everybody's hard work will come into reality. For this reason, there will be lots of teamwork necessary to bring the product into life. little details and specifications should be spelled out properly without missing any detail.

5. Implementing

Now that the design it's alive, it's time to test it out. During implementation, many participants will test out the design and give feedback regarding the design.

6. Evaluating

Evaluating is the last process. It is also the stage where there will be a lot of revision and change based on the feedback that is received by the graphic design agencies’ testers. Beneficence and changes are made to create the perfect UX design that will satisfy all parties.

The steps mentioned above might look complicated to do. However, if you do with your fellow graphic design agency members, you will be able to get through it and create the best UX design you've ever met. So, are you ready to start your UX design Journey?