The looks of a name card is not everything. There are more factors that also determine the quality of a name card aside from its aesthetics, and the designing and printing steps are equally important in determining the final outcome that you will get. Here are six tips on how you can get professional looking name card that is proper and effective for business. 

1. Font 

Choosing a font is seemingly easy, but a lot of people still make a mistake in doing this because they think the fancier it is, the better it is. While in fact, it is better to keep the font for your name card simple. Instead of pushing your design by choosing various fancy fonts, it is best that you tweak with the bold and size so that the recipient of your name card can easily read and understand which information should be prioritized over another. Make sure that the texts are in good font and hierarchy so that nothing overlaps anything in your design. 

2. Include Company Logo 

Sure, a name card represents you. But you represent your company and you can't forget about this. It is important to include the logo of your company or brand so that people can easily associate the information displayed on your name card with your business. Putting your company logo on your name card design definitely plays a great role in boosting brand awareness among your potential customers and clients as well, so it is definitely beneficial for you. It might be a small thing, but it can be impactful. 

3. Empty Space 

Is it good to leave out some empty space on your name card design? The answer is yes. Sometimes some people need to jot down extra information on your name card as you exchange contact information and converse with them. With some extra available space on your name card, it will make it a lot easier for people to take note of things that are relevant to you and not lose it. 

4. Layout 

An effective name card is always a name card with a properly arranged layout that does not confuse the reader of it. A good name card layout means that one that has proper spacing between one element and the other with proper alignment and positioning as well. 

5. Card Stock Thickness 

Card stock comes in various weights or thicknesses. If you are going for a more formal and proper impression, a thicker or heavier card stock is perfect for you. It will give you an elegant touch and exude professionalism. Even though it costs a little more than the average quality paper stock, it is definitely worth it and it really helps you stand out as well. 

6. Always Check Twice 

A professional name card is a name card with no mistake. After finishing your designing process, make sure that you double check everything, from the text to the colors, decorations, images, and other embellishments included in the design of your name card to make sure that it is perfect for printing.