Digital wallpaper becomes popular right now. Everyone must use digital wallpaper on their personal devices. Hence, it is the most searched thing on the internet. That is why now there are so many design services that made digital wallpaper for commercial, especially in Singapore. 

People want to have cool and high-quality digital wallpaper. But actually, what are the types of digital wallpaper? Here are some types of digital wallpaper that most people use. 

1. Photo 

Sharp and good quality photos are always the target of people to be used as digital wallpaper. There are many kinds of photos, but the most preferred photo is a landscape photo. It shows a view from any beautiful places. People find it relaxing when you see through your phone or PC. 

2. Illustration 

An illustration is one of the liked digital wallpaper. You can find a lot of ready-to-use digital wallpaper from great illustrators around the world. They look cool on mobile devices. The color combination brings joy to the view. Most people like the illustration with contras color or a little bit sparkle and splash. 

3. Abstract 

An abstract is a kind of safe image that people will always have an interest in. It shows neutral vibes and relaxation. Usually abstract becomes the default setting for digital wallpaper in mobile devices. It consists of some solid colors that blend into one another.