4. Grid 

A random grid becomes popular right now because it looks cool. Those who use this type of digital wallpaper are usually teenagers. It consists of several images that are randomly put together into one image. The theme is various, it can be pictures of favorite bands, pictures of animals, or just random things. 

5. Quote 

Quote like motivation and poetry are also liked by many people. It's like seeing positive affirmations every time you open up your mobile devices. Usually, it is a sentence from famous people that are placed in the middle with a solid color background. 

6. Animation 

An animated character can be a choice for digital wallpaper. It looks fun and enjoyable. It brings charm and happiness. Animation is identical to happy things. So, it is really great for some people who want to have funny vibes. 

Digital wallpaper is a trend now. It becomes something that is needed by many people. After reading those types of digital wallpaper maybe you want to find wallpaper for your mobile devices or even you want to create it by yourself.