Planning on starting to work on your wedding invitations? Well, let's get started. 

First thing first, know that proper planning is definitely essential as you have a lot to do and prepare for your special day and you don't want to stress yourself out by being disorganized about everything. 

For wedding invitations, it is better to start early because you will have to send it ahead of time for your guests.  

Of course, you want your wedding invitation card to be proper as your guests are important people you cherish. 

So here are some of the most important etiquettes of wedding invitation cards: 

1. Invitation Style 

The style of invitation needs to be planned well because you can't just choose any style for it. The style of the wedding invitation should be able to convey the theme of the wedding ceremony well. Match the theme of the wedding with the design of the wedding invitation to create a coherent look across all elements of the wedding. 

2. Wording 

It is best that you can come up with your own words for the rather personal parts of the wedding invitation. Also, make sure that it is proper and respectful. Make sure that the essentials such as the name of the bride and groom, date and time, location, and the name of the host are included in the right manner and way of addressing without mistakes. 

3. Guest List 

Make a list that contains all the names of the guests that are invited to the event. This also includes the members of your family. State everyone including children if they are invited. Sending one invitation per household is all right but it is still useful to make a guest list to know who will and won't attend your event so that you can plan your wedding better. 

4. Text 

There are different options that you can choose for the way you put in texts onto your wedding invitation card. Some people prefer it to be traditional and hire a professional calligrapher to make it look beautiful. Of course this takes a longer time than printing everything all together. Some people try to get the best of both worlds by printing most parts of the wedding invitation and handwrite the name of the guests to make it appear more personal and enticing. 

5. RSVP 

There are many ways you can confirm attendance now. You can try to be more creative by using technology such as QR code to scan so that your guests can easily confirm their attendance and the number of people who will come from their family in quick seconds instead of having to write a letter in return and send it in the mail the way people do it back in the day. 

6. Other Information 

If you need to include other information such as the dress code or others, then definitely state it in the wedding invitation so that people can clearly know about it. Of course, don't include any unnecessary and irrelevant information into the design of your wedding invitation as it will only confuse your guests.