Many font families and styles exist, such as serif fonts, classic typefaces, or decorative fonts. 

It is therefore not surprising to feel lost or worse, to make bad choices. As such, in this article, we will be exploring 7 examples of design typographies. An accompanying font is suggested for each example. 


Oswald is a rather well-known serif font since it is inspired by Trade Gothicn which is none other than the YouTube logo font. 

Part of the Google Fonts, Oswald was created by Vernon Adams. The serifs of this typography design have been reworked so that the font can perfectly fit the pixel grid of digital screens. 

Therefore, Oswald is particularly suitable for creating logos for a website. This design typography goes perfectly with the Open Sans font. 


Much like Oswald, Pacifico is a typeface that was created by Vernon Adams. Its main characteristic is its handwritten appearance. 

Original and refined, Pacifico can just as easily be used to create a logo or to boost the web design of a website. It is also used by more than 980,000 web platforms. 

Pacifico is a typography design that is particularly suitable for writing headlines. It goes well with “stick” (ie sans serif) type fonts like Open Sans, Roboto and Montserrat. 


Raleway is a sans-serif typeface from the Sans-Serif family which has the advantage of offering several large and thin variations. 

This typography design was created by designer Matt Mclnerney. It is particularly used for writing titles and headings. This font has a more whimsical little sister, "Raleway Dots". 

Over 6 million websites use the Raleway font. It combines perfectly with serif fonts like the Lato font. 


Created by Argentinian designer Julieta Ulanovsky, Montserrat is a design typography. The name and inspiration for this font come from the “Montserrat” neighborhood, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. 

Characterized by an “urban” style font, Montserrat is equally suitable for writing headlines as well as body text. It is associated with fonts such as Open Sans or Roboto. 

Over 8 million websites use Montserrat. This design typography has two little sisters: “Montserrat Alternates” and “Montserrat Subrayada”. 

Poiret One 

Poiret One is a unique handwriting font. Its geometric and decorative character makes it suitable business card printing and web media. 

Created by designer Denis Masharov, Poiret One is currently used by more than 390,000 websites and internet platforms. 

This design typography has the particularity of being able to be used just as well to write text in upper case as in lower case. It pairs perfectly with Lobster, a serif typeface. 


Merriweather is a sophisticated serif font. It was developed with the aim of being readable on screens, from the largest to the smallest. 

This typography design was created by Sorkin Type. It is available in another version, "Marriweather Sans", which harmonizes with the fonts of the Serif family. 

More than 4.4 million websites use Merriweather handwriting polish. For a coherent and dynamic web design, it is advisable to combine it with the Source Sans Pro font. 


Lora is a serif typeface that has been designed to work in both web and print media. 

The contemporary aspect of this design typography allows it to bring style to paragraphs. It combines well with sans-serif fonts like Open Sans, Roboto, Raleway, and Montserrat. 

Over a million websites use Lora as their font.