The idea of starting a best print on demand business sounds very exciting as the start-up cost is very low. If you keep these steps in your mind before beginning a best print on demand business, you'll avoid the common mistakes that beginners make. 

Step 1:  Add Only Five Color Variants to Your Products: 

Giving a lot of variations in colors and sizes is always a beneficial way to increase your store sales and fulfill your customer's demands. Excess of everything is bad, so when you give your customers many choices, it makes them confused. It becomes difficult for them to choose from too many options. This feeling of indecisiveness can cause them to leave your store without buying anything. Don't give a lot of color choices to your customers. Five color variants for each product would be enough. 

Step 2 : Print Your Successful Designs On Other Products: 

Another way to increase your profit is by printing successful designs on other products. For example, a successful t-shirt design can be printed on a mug or a handbag, and surely people would love to buy it. Keep in mind not all types of designs can be printed on all kinds of products. 

Step 3:  Make Sure That You Have Money: 

As a print-on-demand business beginner, it isn't easy to handle the process of money receiving when you sell your product. 

The most important is "who orders the product and how do you receive that money?" 

This money receiving process can take a bit longer, so make sure that you have money aside to buy the product in the meantime. This period also depends on what country you live in. 

Step 4:  Avoid Copyrights: 

You might have seen a design somewhere and decided to add it to your store. If you sell the same design, you will have to face copyright issues. It's illegal to recreate someone's design. The solution for this problem is to use that design for inspiration and make something new. 

Step 5: Expand Your Products: 

As a product t-shirts are very profitable, it would be better to rely on t-shirts and add some more products in your store. Doing this will raise your profit margins. 

Customers will prefer buying from your store if you give them a variety of products. They won't come to you for one product. Instead, they would select an online store where a lot of products are available. Expanding your print-on-demand products is necessary to make your customer's shopping experience better.  

A good example of a good e-commerce website is They are a local printing company that sells multiple products (self-inking stamps, wedding invitation card printing, poster printing and many more). They have nicely and neatly arranged their wide range of inventory on their website feel free to check them out.

Step 6:  Limited Stock: 

Having a limited stock of your special products will attract customers attraction. It's a psychological trick to increase the sales of your print-on-demand business. You can't use this trick on every product. Your customers will become suspicious if you overdo this limited stock thing. 

Step 7: Get Feedback About Your Print On Demand Products: 

The most difficult thing after creating something is to embrace the criticism you have to face. Getting an honest opinion about your print-on-demand products is very important. As after knowing your weaknesses and strengths, you will be able to make your print-on-demand business better.