In today's digital era, when the number of social media user is incredibly huge, a social media presence is needed by almost every business! Social media definitely should be one of the marketing strategies whether for start-ups or even multinational companies!  

If you are wondering why a social media presence is important for business, here is the reason why. Social media helps business to communicate with their audiences and increase their brand awareness! As a result, the business can boost its opportunity and increase the level of sales.  

Once you get into social media marketing, it doesn't mean you will be successful in it. There are a few things you need to know about making it successful. Here are a few tips you can consider and apply in your social media marketing! 

1. Be More Productive with Social Media Tools 

Today, there are lots of social media tools that can help you in managing your social media marketing! You can find out that social media tools can help to schedule your post, measure campaign effectiveness, provide insights to improve social presence, publish content, and many more things that can help you stay productive! You will find that some of the social media tools are free such as Google Trend, and of course, you can find some paid ones too!  

2. Follow Trends 

In social media marketing, you need to know the trend to make your content more relevant! But, be careful because not every trend can be applied to your content. You need to make sure that the trend also resonates and matches your target audience. Because if it is not, then the results may not be as good as you expected! 

3. Influencers 

This is one of the tips that you can try to promote your products or service to more audiences.  Influencers have the power to boost your brand awareness and increase audience trust! But you cannot randomly select an influencer to promote your brand. You need to make sure that their visions match yours, and their followers match your target audiences.  

4. Try Using Emoticons 

Using emoticons is one of the easiest tips in social media marketing! By adding emoticons to your message or content, that can convey emotions better because sometimes words cannot express it properly!  

5. You Should Measure and Analyse Your Strategy and Efforts 

How do you know if your social media marketing is working? Because of that, you need to measure and analyse your strategy accurately! But how? You need to identify the best metrics relevant to your goals. For instance, if you wanted to measure engagement on Instagram, you can make the number of comments, likes, and shares, as the metrics.  

6. Increase Engagement by Asking Interactive Questions 

To increase engagement, you can write some interactive question on your social media content! For instances, you can ask "What do you think about our new product or service?" or "What would you like to wear for summer vacation?". By adding interactive questions, that can attract the audience to answer and increase the level of engagement! 

7. Handle Negative Comments or Complaints in a Professional Way 

Don't avoid negative comments or complaints! That won't solve the problem. Instead of deleting negative comments, you better handle them with a positive response and try to understand what your customers are trying to say. If the comment is basically good for your business, then take and think of it as something that needs to be improved.