Typography is a pivotal role within the graphic design world. After all, it is the aspect of graphic design that can convey a message to the audience. Every nook of typography sends a message to those who are seeing it.

Seeing the importance of typography, it is important for us to keep in touch with the trend. Here, we will show the 7 typography trends to watch in 2021.

1. Svelte Serif Font

Svelte Serif is known for its unique combination of thin and bold font combined into one. It’s either the left side being slim while the right side is bold, and vice versa. And since this is a classical serif, they are bound with a little tail at each end of the letter. They do, however, appear casual for a serif, making this font perfect to be used for a semi-casual occasion.

2. Evolved Brutalist

Evolved Brutalist is known for its bold statement that gives the impression of someone speaking out. They are once again back into the trend, but this time they appear softer than they were before. As usual, they are mostly used on darker color shades such as a dark green forest.

3. Text and image blended together

There is a new trend among graphic design agencies where they blend together the font with the image. The blending is done by using the text as the ends of the image, meaning that the image is within the text. There are also occasions when the font is traced on the image only, leaving the impression that the image and the text are mashed together.

4. Bold Modern Serif

As the name states, Bold Modern Serif is known for its pretty slim design that is also bold at the same time. The font is usually used when you would like to create a bold statement. Graphic design agencies would normally use the font by placing it in the middle and use a large size to bring attention to the words.

5. New Psychedelic

Feeling retro? Then New Psychedelic is the perfect font for you. The font is usually used in white, making it blend nicely with the retro background that is often used with the font. It’s no surprise if New Psychedelic is making a comeback. After all, the new trend is reviving the classic fashion.

6. Text over other layers

Text over other layers has been something that is commonly used, but now graphic design agencies take it up to the notch. Before, it was only the text on top of the layer. Now, there would be an additional layer on top of the text (although the layer does not completely cover the text).

7. Outline font

Outline font is the concept where the only thing that is visible is the outline of the alphabet. Yes, the middle part of the font is empty. Outline Font has been in trend for quite some time, but it seems that they are making a comeback again this year.

Among these fonts, which one is your agency’s favorite?