This is excellent solvent resistant and gives better clarity than most of the sticker materials you will see around. Based on your sticker need and design, polypropylene can be divided into different types based on the coating, colors, and adhesive. This main include Chrome (Silver) BOPP, Removable White BOPP, Clear BOPP, etc. For instance, Chrome (Silver) BOPP is water and oil resistant with a mirror-like finishing effect, while Removable White BOPP is less adhesive.  


Polyester materials come in different shapes, sizes, and looks. They have a long-lasting adhesive. They stand harsh weather conditions. A prevalent polyester material type is chrome which comes with mirror-like finishing. Polyester sticker materials are suitable for outdoor designs and may be used for indoor designs as well.  


This is the most used sticker material. It is good for outdoor design most of the time because of its durability to withstand harsh weather conditions and chemical contaminations. Apart from being the most used material, it is considered the best because it offers up to 11 years of resistance to ultra-violet radiation.


Well, most people may not consider this as a sticker material, but it is actually. It offers a great look with designs but cannot stand harsh weather conditions. The best way to increase its longevity is by laminating it. The stronger the lamination, the better. If you are within the food industry, you may try out foil paper sticker designs. It comes in different colors and may be either dull or bright in color. You can try out a Fluorescent paper sticker design. They make great sticker printing designs too. 


These are sticker materials made from recycled materials. They are neither resistant to water nor oil. They are not also good for lamination. The most used recycled sticker materials are kraft and Vellum sticker designs. You may consider them for your sticker designs but beware of the limitations. 

Static Cling 

This sticker design is made from vinyl film design. It is suitable for hard surfaces like a window, door, etc. The good thing about this sticker design is that it can be easily removed and reused on other surfaces. But it can not stand harsh weather conditions. So, it is not good for outdoor use. 


This is another excellent sticker design type you will like to try out. This is cool for wine or spirit label design. They come in different colors and textures depending on your choice.  


This sticker design is great and more durable for use. It can serve more than the purpose of being a sticker. This can withstand bad weather conditions and is also water-resistant. It is common with beauty products. 

I believe with the above-described sticker materials, and you won't find it difficult to choose for yourself when considering a sticker design.