Coming up with a great name card printing in Singapore design is a lot of work. This is true when you are thinking of doing it yourself. There is so much to think about, starting with the appearance, arrangement, and content.

This piece comes with eight tips to help you in this pursuit of getting an excellent name card design. Take your time to read through and apply every knowledge you gain here.

What to Project

Every name card is meant to project something to the world about the person whose name appears on it. The problem is that many people do quite a lot of things. So, the problem is knowing what exactly they want to project. So, decide what you want to project.

For instance, you may be a graphic designer and a trained practicing customer service professional with teaching skills. You are in between these three. Which do you want to project? Well, choose the one you will like to build or that you have built.

Draw Out a Logo

Every great name card comes with a unique logo. The logo must speak volumes of what you are trying to project. You may design this yourself or contract it out to a professional designer. Name card without a logo is merely unprofessional.

Choose Your Brand Colors

This is very important. Not that you work with this color today and that color tomorrow. It would be best if you decided what your brand color will look like. This may mean you understand the science of colors to understand what each color stands for and how they relate to your service.

Who Will Design the Card?

You will need to decide if you want to design the card yourself or someone else. If you're going to do it yourself, for instance, do you have the expertise required to deliver a professional design? If you want to use an application or software, how well do you know the tool? It is not bad to spend money on the name card design to get quality work done.

Paper and Effects

Consider the paper type and thickness you want to use for the printing. Ensure the paper is relatively thick, such that it can give the design a lift. Make sure the design comes with 3D effects to make the printing more attractive and classy.

Avoid Errors

Well, errors are inevitable, but not on a name card. It would help if you vetted it over and over again to be sure there are no errors. Imagine if your mobile number is wrongly typed. That means someone else will be getting your calls, or a prospective client will be calling an incomplete number.

Never Use a Pen to Correct The Printed Card

It is not professional to be using a pen to strike out details and then writing a correct one on the card after printing. That's unprofessional. It means you have to reprint. That's simply a waste of financial resources that could have been used for something else.

Work With Feedback

Before you do the final printing:

  1. Get feedback from people.
  2. Ensure you speak with people that will look at the design objectively.
  3. Ask questions and consider their opinions.