Name cards are a great way to brand and market your business. Irrespective of your business niche, a name card in Singapore can help do the wonder. In this piece, we shall be looking at eight great tips to help design industry based name cards.

1. Use Industry Logo

If you intend to make your name card an industry-based design, consider using the industry logo on it. There are ways to include this on your name card professionally. You may put it in the form of a watermark design. This is common with the people in Justice, media, and medical niches.

2. Industry Based Designs

You can make your name card design to be industry-based such that once seen; anyone can detect the niche. For instance, if you are a horticulturist, your name card may include flowery designs. If you are a fine art expert, it's not out of place to have artistic designs or color mixtures on your name card.

3. Use Industry Slogan

If you want your name card to carry the industry mark, you may include the industry slogan. This may be at the lower part of the card front page or on the reverse side. Each industry has its slogan. This is used in meetings and as a mark of difference in the public. But it is crucial that you are part of the registered association and also as a financial member.

4. Industry Colors

Specific industries may have their unique colors. Your card may be designed with these colors in a way that will reflect the industry. For instance, Justice as a niche has white and black as its colors. So, you may engage these colors if you are a lawyer.

5. Use Industry Outfits

This is also a meaningful way to make your name card industry-based. You may use an industry outfit as a watermark design. This may also be your picture in the industry outfit. For instance, if you are a lawyer, you may have your image in the full court proceedings regalia.

6. Materials Matter

The material you choose for your name card is vital. It can also be used to detect the industry. For instance, if you are in the environmental niche, consider using recycled paper for your name card. Be innovative and industry-wise.

7. Hashtag

Please consider putting one or two but not more than four hashtags on the name cards. These hashtags must be used on your social media platforms. This is to help with two things at once. It will help people to know your industry quickly and also brand your services.

8. Showcase Your Great Work

This is also a way to brand your expertise and make your card industry-based. This will be a great idea if you can communicate it in few words or few pictures stylishly showcasing your great expertise.

I believe you would have picked up ideas to make your name card industry-based with these eight tips. Endeavor to share your thoughts in the comments section. Let's hear from you.