Nowadays, not only is productivity is at the heart of every successful career, but it also does represent an essential cornerstone to a balanced lifestyle and healthy mental state.

Would you like to be more efficient in your work? When you work independently, especially while working remotely from home, it is very easy to get distracted. This is more common if you do not have a structured work environment. Here are some ideas and tips that can help you improve your productivity.

1 | Avoid Answering your Phone During Work Hours

Smartphones are very useful these days, from social media to emails, to opening up an array of endless possibilities through search engines. This more often than not leads us to be constantly tied to our phones.

Whenever you receive a call or a text, you will be tempted to answer, thus losing valuable work time and hampering your productivity. Let your answering machine do the work! It is recommended that you put your phone in the “do not disturb mode” or even shut it down during your work hours if you feel that you cannot stop yourself from checking your smartphone.

2 | Wake Up a Little Earlier

How about you add an extra hour to your day? Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier in the first week, then 15 minutes earlier the next week until you reach one hour. By proceeding this way, your body should adapt smoothly.

3 | Eliminate Distractions From Your Work Environment

This is a tip that I find a bit difficult to follow personally, but it is true that ideally your workspace should be forbidden to your children, to your cat who has the unfortunate tendency to lie down on the keyboard of your computer.

4 | Avoid Your Mailbox During Work Hours

Unless the email is work-related, plan specific slots to check and process your emails. Also, remember to delete the alert that pops up when a new email arrives.

5 | Use a Timer for More Productivity

Divide your day into slots and assign one activity to each slot. And to be sure not to exceed the amount of time allocated to each activity, set a timer. Once the bells ring, it is time to move on to the next task.

6 | Set Aside Time for Your Meals

Avoid nibbling and eating on the go. By dedicating a real moment to your meal, you will be in better shape and with it, your ability to focus will increase.

7 | Set Your Goals for the Week and the Day

List the tasks you want to accomplish during the day (an action can be part of a larger project that you will need to work on for several months), assign a time for each task, and at the end of the day congratulate yourself on your work and your productivity gain.

8 | Take the Time to Prepare Your Workspace for the Next Day

No need to waste a lot of time getting your hands on your notes, a phone number or anything else you might need to work on.