The Return of Vintage Typography 

In recent years, we can see that vintage and retro are making a comeback, whether in fashion or decoration. 2021 therefore marks a return to basics in terms of typography. Vintage fonts are creating a certain nostalgia among consumers.  

In order to perform this, you may need to use the typographical and graphic codes of vintage eras. 

Serif Typographies 

Also called font with Serif, serif typography has been around since the 15th century. They are now widely used in graphic media intended to be modern and minimalist. In 2021, the trend continues to expand by adding boldness to fonts with Serif. 

Harriet typography, for example, is one of the major typographic trends with Sérif. This font is ideal for your branding, decorative design or product packaging projects. It can also be used as a text overlay which will make your visuals and media more elegant, regardless of the background image. 

The Art of Handwritten Typography 

Handwritten fonts are making a comeback among the 2021 typography trends. These fonts are ideal if you want to play on natural effects and minimalism. They are similar to vintage and traditional typography in some cases.  

Similar to vintage typography, manuscripts focus on nostalgia and attachment to a bygone era. As a result, it will allow you to create a bond with your customers. 

When 3D and Solid Shadows Meet Typography 

In 2020, 3D in graphics reached its peak. This trend is also present in typography.  

3D allows you to be creative and to divide your typographies into a multitude of concepts, each more impressive than the other. This concept makes it possible to give relief, volume and above all a touch of realism to your supports. If you want to give a 3-dimensional effect, you can also play with the shading of your fonts.  

The Power of Duotone 

Duotone is based on the use of two colors on a single visual. Most often, these are contrasting colors in complete opposition. But they can have the same tones depending on the expected result. With this type of two-color typography, be careful not to combine colors that do not match, as this would make reading and understanding the message too difficult.  

Disco is Making a Comeback 

Seventies fonts refer to psychedelic designs or extravagant disco parties. If you want to evoke this era, use the codes of this decade: sparkling and dynamic colors, thick typeface and psychedelic effects. 

Dynamic Typographies 

Dynamic lettering typography is ideal for bringing movement to words with flowing shapes and textured shading. This type of typography will give the illusion that the text is animated without it actually being animated. Care should be taken to properly gauge the degree of movement effect so as not to make the text too illegible. It can therefore be used for decoration, or used on certain words to highlight them. 

Rounded Typographies 

We can see that despite the font trends with Serif, there is also a trend for thicker, sans serif typefaces. This rounding in the corners is similar to retro typographies. Among the rounded fonts, we can find the ITC Bauhaus font. This font is associated with the fun side of your media. This medium font can be associated with a logo, interesting designs or even covers. Rounding off the angles of your typography will give a more modern look and refer to technology. For a more pronounced result, you can even add an outline to the letters.