Register Your Company 

Share your resources fairly. Hire a company registration agency to help you declare your firm. Give the co-founder enough to encourage him to work hard, trying to get as many as you can. 

Search for Resources 

If you don't have enough capital to launch the first edition on your own, find an investor. You should keep refining the product well until you start making the first edition since you will never be guaranteed to find an investor. Always think of the worse and keep working on the product. 

Start Selling 

As soon as you see a path for your product that will give you a little profit, start selling. Extra features, a better interface, quicker loading time, and other optimizations won't do much if the product itself doesn't make money at first. 

Follow The Consumer 

Are they going to return to you? If they don't come, figure out why. 

Start Selling It Again 

Start selling repeatedly, if necessary. If at some point really few customers are buying your product again, you are going to end up doing something valuable. 

You could transform into a public company, sell the company to someone else, or keep a private enterprise by convincing investors that they can make more profits. Think about what kind of place you're trying to make the world with your company.