We’re all familiar with the existence of pre ink stamps. They don’t need a lot of maintenance, they don't create a mess, and are generally a very safe bet for the office place. That much is pretty common knowledge for anyone who has done a decent amount of research on the subject of stamps and in particular the pre ink variety. But are there any extra bonus benefits that usually get lost in the shuffle or are just too well hidden to be noticed easily? We certainly think so, in fact, we think that there is a huge case to be made regarding the use of the small and finer details of the pre ink stamps and the following factors certainly make these varieties a lot more useful than they seem: 

The stamp is always inked: 

This seems like a needless entry, right? I know what you're thinking, "of course the stamp is always inked that's the whole point, so we don't have to ink the stamp ourselves" And although you're right in essence, it's the second part where you'll be mistaken. You see the stamp is always in a ready-to-use state which means not only do you not need to ink it yourself but you also save a lot of time if you're in a hurry or have to stamp multiple documents back to back. In the crunch moment where you saving a few seconds means saving money, pre ink stamps can literally pay you back within minutes. 

You do not need to change the entire stamp when changing the title: 

For pre-inked stamps, the main selling point is that you don't need to change the entire stamp if your title changes and that old stamps are still recyclable. Well, this much is also completely true for pre ink stamp too. There is literally no need to change the entire stamp, you can easily change just the nameplate and keep your old stamp intact. 

There are a variety of shapes and styles to choose from: 

pre ink stamps offer a lot of variety for buyers these days. From compact ones to colorful ones to the old0fashioned ones that send a bold message and statement. It's really up to the buyer's imagination regarding what type of stamp they wish to purchase. Other stamp varieties may not offer these types of choices as their simple design forces you to change only a few components and in other cases to make more changes one has to completely redesign the entire stamp which can be fairly costly.   

They can last longer than other stamps: 

The life of a stamp is a tough topic to deal with because it depends so much on how often it is used and how is it used. Usually, it all boils down to how much care the ink pad is kept. In the case of other stamp varieties at more than many points of time, the ink pad is left unattended and open which can cause the ink to start drying out slowly but surely. In the case of pre-ink stamps, however, since the ink cartilage is kept hidden and safe, it lasts longer, in particular, one cartilage can last around 2 years.