Because there are a lot of different types of easel stands that are available for purchase, choosing the most suitable one for you might get confusing especially for first-timers.  

Beginners need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of easel so that they can match them to their needs and preferences for their first easel stand. 

What needs to be considered for choosing an easel stand is the medium that is used to paint or work with. Is it an oil-based paint, or water-based? If the paint that you use is runny, then it is better to not use an easel stand that is upright since it will run down. Meanwhile, if the paint is more viscous, then the upright easel stand is better because it will help the canvas avoid dust and other spillages. 

Also, think about the available space that you have for working. Is it cramped? Is it spacious? This also affects the decision for an easel stand because some easel stands are bulky and difficult to fold and store so it needs more room to be in. If you only have a small working space, then you should consider an easel stand that is lightweight and foldable so that you can save up space when you are not using your easel stand. 

Now that you have got the gist of what you need to look for in the type of easel stand you have to get for your work, then let's get to the types of easel stands that you can choose. 

1. Single Mast Easel 

The single mast easel stand is one of the most basic types of easel stands and it is perfect for complete beginners like art students. It is lightweight and easy to handle. The single mast easel stand is great for a small working area because it does not take up much space. A single mast easel is not so sturdy, but it can quite handle small to medium-sized canvases. If you are looking for a  functional and cheap easel stand, then you definitely should consider this one. 

2. Lyre Easel 

Lyre easel, sometimes referred to as the A-frame easel, is also a popular easel stand because of its convenience. It is lightweight, easy to fold and store, also to transport anywhere needed. Since it is lightweight, unfortunately, it is not too sturdy. Although, it is still sturdier than the single mast easel stand due to the number of legs supporting the easel stand. The lyre easel stand has three legs with two in the front and one at the back so the easel stand looks like the letter A. It is not too expensive and it can hold small to even large-sized canvas. 

2. H-frame Easel 

If you need an easel stand that is more durable, then you should definitely consider the H-frame easel. But if you want to use this type of easel stand, then you have to make sure that you have a spacious working area. Since the H-frame easel stand is bulky, it is not so easy to fold and store, moreover to transport.  

3. Tabletop Easel 

Needing an easel stand that is compact and perfect for a very limited working space? Then how about getting a tabletop easel stand? A tabletop easel stand can be folded and carried around easily due to its size and weight, and it is definitely convenient because it has a storage box or compartment for art supplies storage.