4. Personalisation of Promotion Goals and Targets

Each promotion must have a different purpose and theme. Brochure design files that are printed in offset printing can be tailored to the needs of each promotion which will be distributed in different places with different purposes and types of promotions. 

5. Information in Various Brochures

Brochures can provide a variety of information needed starting from company information, product and service information, how to use goods, specifications, to discount information. To find out how successful your brochure is, you can add a brochure code or referral code so that when customers come to buy either online or come to the store, you can count the number of people who buy by looking at the brochure. 

6. Effectiveness

Due to the nature of the brochure’s medium is paper, someone can take your brochure and bring it for later use or to their friends and colleagues and tell them about the service or products that you are offering without the need for an internet connection. With the size and layout of a brochure, you can put as much information you’d want on a compact piece of paper. 

As you can see there are several advantages of using brochures as your advertising medium, from effectiveness to the price. Hopefully, by now you are convinced to print brochures for your business.