Printed name cards are nice, but there are certain advantages of digital name cards. A lot of things are going digital. Statistics show that the number of digital operations will soar. There are many advantages of making digital cards in this Digital or Computer Age. Your name cards are very much accessible when you make them digital. The advantages of digital name cards are below: 

Saves time 

Digital cards can save time. It does not involve searching for a physical card. You may have to get people to attend a meeting, just to give them your card, but you can send these cards to each one of them digitally, while saving time at the same time. Having a digital name card is crucial today and you can design it with an IT service. 

Creates a First Impression 

Digital cards let you add links and videos in connection with your business. It creates a first impression. This tells a story of your brand. Creating a decent first impression helps to tell more about your brand. 

It is less expensive 

Digital cards does not need manual designing and printing. This reduces the cost of making the cards, since they are digital.  

More accessible 

There is more access with the cards that others share. Digital cards are more accessible since they can be shared among smart devices. Some countries have already launched a digital campaign like India, this makes digital cards more accessible. It improves accessibility since almost everyone moves about with mobile device, so your name cards are more accessible with them. 

Can get more updates 

You can get more updates with digital cards. Printed cards will have to be reprinted and redesigned for updates, which is more costly. A digital card can update automatically when there are changes in the contact information and so on. When you change your contact details like your address, phone number etc you can update it more efficiently with digital express name cards, than printed name cards. 

More friendly with environment 

Digital cards are more friendly to the environment, since they do not require printing them on plastics that might litter the environment. This makes digital cards more friendly. Campaigns like "Become Environmentally Friendly", " Save The Environment " etc can enhance the environment. Research from across the globe show that environmental depletion is high as a result of industrialisation. Improper refuse disposal, especially that of industrial waste is depleting the environment. Going green or greener technologies are encouraged. Where possible, greener products should replace certain industrial products. 

Stored for mobile use 

With digital name cards, there is more mobility since people store your cards in their mobile devices and can move about with it. Printed cards can be misplaced, since they tend to be small. However those who carry your name card about can bring it from wherever they are, even if they change their location and contact you.