On demand printing or Print on Demand (POD) is in high demand. Print on demand refers to a printing service in which documents and or other type of products are not printed until the printing company receives an order from customer. The term print on demand is usually associated with books or documents, but this can also apply to other products that require printing process such as tote bag and t-shirt. Print on demand practice allows customers to print small quantities of documents or products at the time they need it the most. This service is greatly sought after because of the advancement of digital printing technology that improves print efficiency. 

Apart from improving print efficiency, there are several advantages of print on demand. Here are 5 advantages of print on demand that we have curated for you: 

1. Lower Printing Costs for Your Business 

By using print on demand, you can avoid printing service that requires you to print things in a large quantity that is beyond your need. You can print your documents in a quantity that you need even if it’s a small quantity. Using print on demand will also help you to cut storage cost, handling cost, and other additional costs that may occur if you use traditional print services. Therefore, using print on demand is economical for your business. 

2. Quick Turnaround 

Printing on demand affords you a quick turnaround. This is due to the fact that print on demand services usually have an advance printing technology with easy set-up. Often times, print on demand services also provide same day delivery that you can take advantage of. When you need something to print urgently, turning to print on demand services is the right solution for you.