Advantages of Owning a Company Stamp


Companies were required to have a company stamp back in the past, and only with a common stamp could a corporation officially approve and release a document. However, the policy has changed, and in Singapore, the use of a company stamp is no longer needed as of 2017. The method of the document authorising will now be completed easily by signing the document with the business director's signature.


Even so, this does not imply that a company stamp is no longer necessary. Even if it is no longer mandatory, a stamp or a chop is an object with many advantages, and you would be missing on a lot of good things it can bring you if you do not own one.


Here are some of the benefits of using a company stamp for your business:


1. Create More Business Opportunities

In certain nations like Singapore, the use of the company stamp's mark on a document is no longer required for it to be recognized as legal or authorised. But do remember that other countries might still reckon it as something that must be present when approving a document. It is not unlikely that you will have the opportunity to work for an international company or corporation where the requirement for a company stamp is still in effect. Thus, you need to always be prepared for this and have your own company stamp for the occasion.  You may not be able to reach an agreement with them if you cannot have your own company stamp in Singapore, and you would miss out on a great opportunity to extend your market or form a beneficial partnership with a foreign company.


2. Appear Professional

It is never a bad idea to use a company stamp for authorising documents even though it is not exactly required by the law any longer.  This action would make you seem professional and proper. It can seem insignificant, but it can have a major impact on your reputation and have a positive impression on the receiver of your papers.


3. Confirm Authenticity

A signature is relatively easy to forge, but the mark of a common stamp is a little more difficult to manufacture. A paper would have more strength and certainty that it is genuine if it bears both the mark of a company stamp and the signature of the business owner.


The document's receiver can rest assured that they are reading a document from a reliable and trustworthy origin.


4. Signature Substitution in an Emergency

At rare times, a company stamp may be used to replace the signature of a company owner, such as when a document has to be signed and validated right away yet the director is not in the workplace. A confirmation and permission for the company secretary to use the common stamp in place of a signature may be released by the company owner. It is definitely a good idea to be ready for situations like this by having your own chop.


To obtain a company stamp, all you have to do is design it in accordance with the rules and laws that govern its validity. Then, to have your stamp made, look for a credible stamp maker right away.