A company chop or a company stamp is a stamp used to certify official documents issued by specific company such as contracts, certificates, deeds, and many others. Usually, a company chop contains company’s name, company’s logo, company’s registration number, and its address. The stamp is usually made of rubber band and will be inked before its usage. Due to its flexibility and practical use, company chop becomes one of the most necessary items needed by companies in many parts of the world.  

There are several types of company chop in the world, which are traditional stamp, pre-inked stamp, and self-inking stamp. Each of the stamp has their own benefits and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to show you some advantages of self-inking stamp before you buy any for your company chop at a chop maker such as company chop in Singapore. 

Self-Inking Stamp 

Self-inking stamp is a stamp who has the ability to refill its own ink. Self-inking stamp has built-in ink pad that will re-ink itself after every usage. This feature serves some unique benefits, such as: 

1. Convertible Stamp Pad 

Since self-inking stamp has a separate built-ink pad, you can replace it whenever you want. When the ink dries out or the pad is damaged, you can easily detach it from the stamp and replace it with new pad. 

2. Date Feature 

Maybe the best feature of self-inking stamp is its customize date feature. With this feature, you can stamp the day your document is certified onto the said document. To use this feature, you only need to attach a text plate into a band system within the stamp. 

3. Numbering Feature 

Similar with date feature, you can attach a number plate into a band system within the stamp. This feature allows you to stamp identification number onto your document. 

4. Eliminating Ink Residue 

There’s always a possibility of a messy re-inking for traditional stamp. But with self-inking stamp, you don’t need to worry about a messy re-inking and usage since the ink pad is already in the rubber. The text plate is also covered after every usage, eliminating the risk of bleeding. 

5. Perfect for Rapid Stamping 

Self-inking stamp is perfect for rapid stamping since it will automatically re-ink itself. You don’t have to re-ink it when the ink dries out. You can mark over thousands of impressions with ease. It can save you a lot of time and effort as you only have to press it to make an impression. 

6. Easy to Bring and to Be Put on Pocket 

Self-inking stamp is usually small in size. Its size comes in handy as you can put it on your pocket without worrying about the ink leakage. 

7. It Lasts Long 

Self-inking stamp lasts long. This makes it beneficial for your company to use. 

8. Wide Variety of Shapes 

Self-inking stamp has a wide variety of shapes in the market such as round shape, rectangle, and triangle that you can choose from to suit your specification. 

Those are several benefits of self-inking stamp for your consideration.