E-cars have been around for some time on our roads. We are talking about electronically operated cars, a new generation of vehicles that should significantly reduce our environment's burden.

They are now manufactured not only by companies such as Tesla or BMW but also by many other automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and Renault. But does the purchase price pay off? 

Even if the very high purchase price initially discourages many consumers, it is worth looking at these cars' many advantages. First, these cars with an electric battery instead of a standard combustion engine are much more environmentally friendly and conserve resources.  

On the other hand, the technology used in an electric drive is easier to handle and less maintenance-intensive. A comparatively simple engine can achieve the same high output because an electric motor has hardly any emissions and does not need a gearbox.  

To make these vehicles more attractive for the buyer (despite a higher price), state environmental premiums were set up, which the buyer receives in return. Besides, the image of the buyer is also profiled through environmentally-friendly action. That is why more and more companies rely on electric cars and are increasingly using these vehicles as advertising space by applying a bumper sticker. 

Electric Car - The Perfect Advertising Media 

Applying stickers to an electric car is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. For example, you can easily order your car stickers online and order them from us. There are two different options to choose from.  

There is typically plotted lettering with a transfer film or car stickers with UV-resistant digital sticker printing. Once you've put the advertising sticker on your car, you don't have to worry about a new one for years to come.  

Some bumper stickers from trusted singapore sticker printing companies are very robust and weatherproof and have a shelf life of up to 7 years. But if you still want to remove the bumper sticker again, this is no problem because by using a solvent polyacrylate adhesive. 

Vehicle advertising, like driving electrically powered cars, also has some advantages. Your advertising is always on the move and present and can achieve a much greater reach. The more conspicuous the designed car, the more it will be noticed by other road users and achieve its goal. Besides, successful car advertising can also reach new customers or utterly new target groups who only became aware of you through your electric cars' stickers. 

How Electric Car Catch People's Attention 

Electric cars can also catch the attention with some other advantages. For example, the batteries in electric cars have a long service life, and they require less service due to fewer wearing parts installed. Furthermore, there is an energy recovery during braking in an electric car, leading to longer service life for the car battery.  

Another point is that electric cars are odorless. This may seem a little bland at first, but the smell of exhaust gases from typical combustion engines is a frequently mentioned point of criticism, especially on busy roads.