Sticker printing is one type of printing service that is widely available today in various places, one of which is Singapore. One of the popular products today is stickers, as well as sticker design services that are also owned by most printing shops such as Singapore sticker printing. Sticker or often referred to as label is one of the products that is widely used in products. Be it food products, drinks, clothing, and other products that require a description of information. Do you know that there are many types of stickers used today? Here's what you need to know about sticker printing. 

When you want to make a sticker, you need to first prepare a design that you will put on the sticker. The designs that you make can be in various forms according to your needs. The thing that you need to pay attention to in this design is the colour composition and placement which are combined with the writing. If you choose to make a coloured sticker, then make sure you set the CMYK with K arranged to 100. The position between the logo and the writing needs to be proportional so as not to overlap and to minimize errors during the printing process. 

When you are designing, you should use a design application that is similar to the application that is owned by the printing shop you choose. No need to ask them first, but keep in mind that most of the time, adobe illustrator will do the job. Printing requests like this are usually called custom sticker printing, which most people will choose. A cutting sticker will also make it easier for you to peel them off once you want to apply some to a certain surface. The types of stickers that you can make, such as mirrorkote sticker printing, woodfree sticker, matt white pp sticker, transparent sticker, gloss white sticker, kraft sticker, and so on. 

Mirrorkote Sticker or Label 

If you’re looking for a cheap option, this will get the job done. A gloss surface that can be written on, slightly waterproof, and can be torn off. 

Transparent Sticker 

As the name suggests, this sticker is transparent and cannot be written on. However, the sticker is tearproof and waterproof with no white ink on the back. 

Kraft Sticker 

is one of the most popular stickers with a brown kraft matt surface. It can be written on very easily, but is not waterproof and can be torn. 

Matt White Sticker 

One type of sticker that is often used by many people. The surface of this sticker is matt and can be written. Also, it is tearproof and waterproof, suitable if you want the sticker with mentioned features.

Woodfree Sticker 

One option that is also cheap with a texture like a copier paper. Can be written easily on a matt surface. However, this type of sticker is not waterproof and not tearproof. 

Those are the things about stickers that you need to know when you want to make one. There are various finishing, lamination, and other sizes options that you can find out more about in various printing shops today.