Wedding Invitation Design Trends  

You should definitely coordinate the style of your wedding invites with the general theme of your wedding, and many couples choose for coordinated invitations, place names, and thankyou card.

Traditional wedding invites are frequently being phased out in favour of more modern designs, and here are a few of the most recent trends in wedding invites:  

Many brides are going green by using recycled or homemade paper invites. Natural materials, such as pressed leaves or flowers, are likewise growing more fashionable.  

This season, wedding invitations with fun, colourful designs like polka dots and stripes are definitely making a statement.  

A single flower is a common wedding invitation motif, and it may frequently influence the whole wedding theme, offering a constant design element across the stationery and decorations.  

Pocket invites, also known as seal and send invites, are becoming increasingly popular. The envelope becomes a component of the invitation and wraps around other parts of the invitation, such as instructions, wedding list data, and the reply card, with this style of invitation.  

What About Digital Wedding Invitations?  

Many couples prefer to send their wedding invitations electronically rather than through the mail. This has obvious benefits in that invites may incorporate multimedia, such as a video greeting from the bride and groom, and the majority of individuals have access to e-mail.  

Most wedding planners, however, believe that an internet invitation does not convey the same level of seriousness and formality as a physical invitation.

There are so few events that require a written invitation these days that it would be a tragedy to abandon the custom of traditional wedding invites.

Furthermore, individuals are less likely to respond to an electronic invitation, and you run the danger of it getting lost among the hundreds of trash e-mails we receive every day.