As the largest online shop, Amazon is now an indispensable part of the World Wide Web. To keep up with the multitude of competitors on Amazon, it is not only the products offered that have to assert themselves but also the visibility in the listing itself. Because even with the Amazon ranking, the motto is the higher up your product ranks, the higher it is better. 

In principle, every product on Amazon has its website. Amazon offers some options to optimize the product page to display for as many relevant search queries as possible. 


The basis for the most critical Amazon SEO measures and a better ranking is thorough keyword research. As with Google, when doing keyword research, you should identify terms with the highest possible search volume (and preferably also with low competition). Pay attention to the competition: Which keywords do the top products in the ranking use? 


One of the most important ranking factors in Amazon optimization is the title. Particular emphasis should be placed on the selection of the most important and above all relevant keywords.  

As with the search engine optimization of online shops, Amazon recommends including the most critical keywords (product name, brand, quantity, material, color) in the title to increase the ranking.  

A length of up to 200 characters is recommended, but a maximum of 80 characters is even better to display the title in full in the SERP view. The keywords should appear in the title depending on their relevance to the product. An optimal title can be structured according to this scheme: 

Brand Name - Product Type - 1st Feature - 2nd Feature - Size etc.