Bullet Points 

Another essential point of Amazon optimization is the five bullet points below the product title. These should be informative and relevant to the customer. A range of 200 characters is provided for each bullet point, so use detailed descriptions of the sales arguments, USPs, and product advantages to convince the user. 

Product Information 

Further relevant information can be offered to the user within the product information. The available space for your content is 2000 characters, which can fill up very quickly. To influence the ranking, it is essential to work with the most important keywords here as well.  

The better the text is prepared with bullet points, graphics or images, the higher the probability that potential customers will read the text. 

You can also use the FAQ area to answer your customers' questions and be perceived positively by the Amazon ranking, thanks to your optimized customer orientation. 


An essential factor that you should optimize is the images of your products. High-quality images lead to a better sales rate and thus also to a better ranking: 

At least 1000 pixels are necessary to use Amazon's zoom function 

A total of 6-7 different images of the product should be available (the product occupies 80% of the image, and the background should be plain white) 

A video about the product can also be added