In stories like Dune, Star Wars, and others, we can reflect any kind of disputes that can play with the imagination of the readers, from the liberation of oppressed peoples, creation of powerful weapons, or even commercial disputes between planets and where we can always find a figure similar to a company secretary. 

If we think about it, in science fiction stories that mix religion, politics, and the corporate world, unique plots and arguments are developed that have similarities with reality. 

Role Of Company Secretaries In Science Fiction Stories 

In science fiction stories, it is common to find characters that have many similarities to the responsibilities of a company secretary. Generally, these characters are power figures whose decisions have repercussions on the destiny of other characters. 

On the other hand, if there is a corporate world within the stories, these characters who fulfill the functions of a company secretary, usually take steps that allow them to develop relationships with different types of powers, either on earth or in other universes.

With these relationships, they can develop the necessary influences to change the destiny of other characters, an enemy faction, or an entire civilization. 

However, it is interesting to ask the following question, in these stories, where do the influence and power come from? Well, the truth is that there is always a common trait that is repeated a lot to incorporate science fiction, and that is the accumulation of wealth. 

The accumulation of wealth can contribute to a company secretary conditioning any political or corporate decision and action, without the need to pay the consequences, something that is often repeated in real life.