Your printer option influences various factors that can significantly impact the print quality you can achieve while printing stickers (that is if it can print stickers at all). 

This is because the two types of printers use different printing processes, and the stickers are generally made with materials that are compatible with one of them.  

The best you can hope for when you use an inkjet printer or inkjet sticker is a very low-quality print; at worst, you risk damaging your stickers and printer, so make sure the stickers you purchase are compatible with your printer. 

Model Of Printers That Can Print Stickers  

The next consideration is the printer type you want to use. Some printer models will have limitations that make them unsuitable for normal sticker printing, while others will have features that are specifically designed to produce high-quality sticker printing. 

A very low-quality print is expected if you try to print laser stickers on an inkjet printer. It also requires a Spray ink (a liquid substance) onto a board and allows it to dry to form the final printed image or design.