Name card dimensions are usually 3.5 by 2 inches in size, and if you feel that the usual name card size is too inadequate for all the information you want to give about yourself, you can consider going for double sided name cards. 

A double sided name card is the same length and width as those printed in only one side, but with the added benefit of the card bearing your necessary information on both sides. These are popular for those working in foreign affairs or who wish to present their language skills, for you can have one side bearing your information in English, with the other side of the card showing the same information in another language. This is helpful for countries with more than one official language, such as Switzerland and Canada. Companies and professionals can also go for two sided cards as a way of showing more information. For example, the back of the card can show a mini map of directions leading the way to your office, or you can choose the space to expound more on your business aims or give more details to your work hours and weekly schedule. 

Despite their usefulness, some people tend to dislike double sided name cards and classify it as self-defeating to their true purpose. This is because name cards are supposed to be as neat and succinct as possible, and two sided cards can look messy to some. If you find that you really cannot manage to fit all the concise information about you or your company on one side of the paper, go for double sided glossy name cards. The high finish gives an air of elegance and formality to the card, which can offset the messy effect that is off-putting to some people. 

Double sided name card may not be very popular in today’s fast-paced world, but they can be more effective and give more information to the recipient. If you’re willing to spend the extra time and money, you can keep two name card holders, one for your double sided cards, and the other for the simpler one sided card. Otherwise, go for the typical name card if you like being straight to the point, and select the double sided card if you prefer to reveal more about your business right from the start. 

There are various varieties of name cards present in the market from which you pick the one you prefer. Double sided name cards are those on which some information is present on the back side of the card as well. This point is equally beneficial and has negative impacts as well both of which are described below. 


• A normal one sided card is not equipped with enough space and with the provided space you can only mention your name and contact information and you are unable to mention some additional benefits that can tempt other customers. So with the two sided name cards you can with ease mention some extra features that can help in attracting clients towards your business. 
• You can add services offered, incentives, special features of a product and other features that can be very appealing. These features will make your card very valuable as compared to single sided name cards because people will get enough information to contact you. 
• On the spare side some valuable information can be provided in one side of the two sided name cards. For example, you can use the extra space to provide a map of your office that can be very helpful for the clients to visit or contact you. 
• You can use two different languages on your name card by the help of double sided cards means you can use an official language and some local language as well that can bring to you both foreign and local clients. 
• You can also promote the core values and mission statement of the business or why to choose their business over others. 
• You can also use the back side of the double sided name card for the specific schedule you are available especially if you are doing the business part time. 


• Double sided name cards are too much noisy and really give a messed up look. Some of the people may also find a double sided name card very bold and crowded if not properly designed. 
• The whole purpose of the name cards is spoiled with these cards because instead of giving concise information excessive facts are mentioned. 
• Another bad thing is this that these cards especially the double sided glossy name cards are more expensive and cost of printing is more because it just doubles the printing expense. So if you have a limited budget than it’s useless to go with these cards. 


Don’t make double sided name cards until you feel a dire need of making them. Make them simple and easy to read. Because people are not eager to get to know your life history they are just interested in contacting you.