The year 2021 inherited a new normal from her predecessor. Everything came with a new way of doing it, including businesses. The world was forced to go online and interact through it. So, it is not out of place to ask if name cards are still relevant in 2021.  

Name cards are still very relevant in 2021, and I always encourage people to have one. The truth is, though everything has changed, connecting to and with people will never change. It will be forever a need humans will be filling. One primary reason for having the name card is for connection. So, irrespective of the new normal, it will keep filling that need. 

Also, a name card doesn't need to be in hardcopy. Businesses have gone online. Name cards can be shared online as well. However, this is already in place. That started with online portfolios and blogs showcasing our skills, education, experience, and projects. That is a modern name card, or what else a name card is doing that these things aren't doing? 

The world will not continue to hide. We can see this already that many businesses have opened. Many countries have started living the new normal without lockdown. Some part of the world has moved on with their everyday life.  

We are beginning to learn to live the covid19, which is the greatest fear in 2021. So, life will return to normal, and we will be able to share the name cards freely. There are hygiene laws in place already to make us clean. We have learned to live with covid19. Even offline businesses will continue to grow.  

Interestingly, name card design is getting more advanced. Everything is advancing with modern-day technology. Name cards are also growing in design and print. The world is looking at making it translucent, adding QR codes, etc. This means that name cards are not only relevant in 2021, and they are also getting more advanced and exciting. 

I am confident that many people will abandon the old designs and print they have been using before with these new thoughts on name card designs and print. They will move to these classic designs and print. So, let's expect a new world order in name card designs and print in 2021. This, of course, will reiterate the relevance of name cards in 2021. 

I believe many businesses will arise in this year 2021 that will be completely networked offline. Such individuals who may either feel their market is offline or think their businesses can only be done offline will engage name cards for their business publicity and marketing. This set of people shows that name cards are still relevant in 2021. 

These are my views and why I believe name cards are still relevant in 2021. Do you think otherwise about the relevance in Singapore name card in 2021? Lets me hear from you. Share your thoughts via the comment section. And if you agree with me with other reasons, please share.