Social media is a useful platform if you use it properly and wisely. In it, you can upload and share photos, videos, share articles, and various other things. Now, social media is also used as a place to show talents, entertain, watch videos, discuss, and so on. Many people will be drawn that a certain type of content when they feel entertained or the content is felt to be useful for the audience who sees it. To get engagement from your audience, you need to make an effort that may not be easy. However, as long as you live it happily, your content would be worth it. Possibly making a positive impact and inspire others. 

One form of activity that you can do to draw some attention is by designing your social media or your platform to be an engaging one. This can be achieved by optimizing the various types of content that you have accompanied with other things. Not infrequently, an artsy design always a go-to when it comes to making your social media better. The following are tips that you can use when you want to create a design for your social media.   

1. Pay Attention to Line 

The line plays an important role in unifying the two points. Lines also serve to emphasize information. The lines that are made are not just any line, but need to pay attention to the direction of the line, thickness, and the character of the line used. You might already familiar with lines such as dash, straight line, a line with brush-textures, and so on. Different lines mean different meanings in many cases.