4 Aspects that Can Make Your Name Card Stand Out

What better way is there to show yourself to a future buyer, client, or business partner than with a name card? A business card contains your contact address as well as links to additional details about you and the organization you represent. This necessarily involves the use of a fitting and appealing card. Here are few tips for making a professional-looking name card.

1. Use the 4 Ws
Bear in mind the four Ws: who, when, where, and why. These must be present, and your name card must clarify them. Your name, work title, as well as the name and logo of your company, must all be shown on your name card. There are important facts that you can never miss. Before you bring something else in, make sure these four points are first and foremost. Of course, other information is almost as important as the 4 Ws, such as your phone number, email address, and social media handle or profile, so that people can quickly learn more about you.

2. Readability
It's critical that your name card is easy to read. Be sure not to make the font too small in order to put in too much detail that isn't completely required. Your name card must be legible when typed, not just on your monitor's display. Font sizes should never be smaller than 8 pt. It's also important to select a font type or style that's plain and easy to read rather than one that's too fancy.

3. Use the QR code
You can save room on your name card by adding a QR code that guides the receiver to the page you want them to use. This way, you can instantly show them the websites or details they need without having to squeeze them into your name card's layout. This not only makes the name card concept seem more lightweight, but it also makes a good statement on prospective buyers or clients.

4. Pick the Right Colours
Deciding to craft and print the name cards in full colour will make a major difference in how appealing they become. Colours make a name card stand out and be special. Even so, this does not rule out the idea of a monochromatic name card altogether. Why not use blacks, greys, and white if they are the best colours to reflect your company? It may also be enticing in its own right.

So, what are your thoughts? Isn't it easy to bring together a proper name card? Just make sure you're taking all of the steps slowly and with a lot of preparation. There's no reason to panic when it comes to designing and printing your business card.

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