4 Aspects of Name Card Design and Printing That You Can Try

A name card is essentially a small medium for exchanging contact details. This is a truth that cannot be refuted. Did you know, though, that it can even be used as a marketing tool? It supports your business or company in a subtle way. Many experts are aware of this, and as design trends and techniques evolve, more and more people are attempting to use their creativity to create unique-looking cards for stronger branding.

Simply put, a business card is crucial, and the design is essential to its success. So, if you think your business card design requires some work, here are some key points to consider in order to improve it.

1. Specifics of the Information
Before you begin the process of creating your brand new name card, you must first determine what detail you want to use in the design so that you can navigate with it to make the design as good as possible. Since there isn't enough room on a name card for too many things, you'll want to keep the content or information to a minimum. Include only the information that is most important, such as the business name, your name, job description or location, e-mail, phone number, your company's website, and also social media if you have one.

2. Choose a Design Style
To begin, you should have a general idea of the design style you want for your name card. A business card should ideally be simple in style. Simple, however, does not imply plain. You may use bright or subtle colours, but make sure they don't clash with the text or other design elements. It's better that the whole look you use reflects the company's or brand's personality so that you can maximize your branding.

3. Unique Finishes
It's not enough to have a great idea and choose the right paper stock. You should also get a proper finish for your name card, as this will not only improve the look of your design, it will also make your card more stable, allowing it to last longer and when stored for an extended period of time. There are several different types of finishes, and they may differ from one printing service to the next, but spot UV, metallic ink or printing, foil printing, embossing, and several other options are the popular ones. Remember though that if you don't want to wreck your name card instead of improving it, don't go overboard on the finishes.

4. Avoid Common Printing Errors
Designing borders, which is difficult to get correct on all four sides, is one of the errors that cause name card printing to be subpar. Also, some people overlook a bleed area, which guarantees a consistent trimming operation.

For beginners, it might be difficult to design a name card. And if you are one, there is no need to worry. Kiasu Print can do all the work for you and deliver the best-looking name card possible. If you urgently need a wonderful-looking name card, browse through our services and offers, make your order today.