Design and Content Complement Each Other 

In discussing design vs. content, we discover that perhaps the most acceptable content is a hybrid of the two: the two components support one other. The significant contrast between content and design is the speed with which the influence is felt; design does have an immediate impact on a customer's perspective, but the content has a slower, cumulative effect. Use strategy to attract the viewer's attention, pique their curiosity, and draw them in. Finally, as a gradual, cumulative impact, utilize content to seal the sale, earn confidence, and demonstrate credibility to consumers. Use a logo design to draw the audience's attention, pique their curiosity, and draw them along. 

Access Design Main Point of View 

The goal of content is to increase visitors to a website. So what were the possibilities of your website generating enormous levels of visitors months and months until individuals find you naturally or via your advertising? One may claim that even the best design in the universe would not salvage a site with lousy content. Admittedly, what you would have to say (or offer) is very generous. 

The Main Content Point of Biew 

However, it is crucial for someone like you to grasp the importance of content in any marketing plan and include it. By content, we mean all of the information that can be accessed on a site.