Customizing sticker Singapore is a great way to raise brand awareness of your company or even campaign. The incredible technological advances throughout the years have made it possible for us to materialize our vision onto stickers. However, no matter how advance printing technology has become, there are several common and easily avoidable mistakes that we have to be mindful of. 

In this article, we are listing 4 common and easility avoidable mistakes when you are customizing a sticker: 

1. Unconverted Fonts 

This is the most common mistake that even professional sometimes does. When we are sending our artworks for print, we need to convert the fonts used in the artwork into outlines, curves, or paths. What does it mean? Essentially, converting fonts into outlines means that the texts in your artwork will turn into graphics. It is necessary since sometimes printing press or station does not always have the fonts that you use. Hence, the typeface for your artwork will automatically change and it will certainly cause problems as your finished product will be different from what you had in mind.  

Another solution for this type of problem is to send the printing station your artworks along with the raw fonts you used. However, this solution is not practical since it will only bother the station and give them extra works. 

2. Using Gradient Colours

Gradient colours look nice on screen but most of the time they don’t translate well in printed stickers. Gradients can cause a printing issue called ‘banding’, where colours bunching together when printed and thus giving the appearance of vertical and horizontal lines as the gradient transitions colour. If you still insist in using gradient colours, use light colours instead of dark colours. Banding issue, more often than not, appears on dark gradients.