A sticker is an interesting object that you can use as an accessory to a gadget or other item. Besides, stickers are also commonly used on the packaging of a product. Usually in the form of a label that shows detailed information about the product. There are several things you need to consider when you are making a sticker. Here is the discussion, make sure you read it to the end. 

1. Cluttered Design 

The design of a sticker needs to be made well and not messy. You want to make stickers for 'consumption' by many people, right? Therefore, you must consider a design that stands out so that people will buy it. You can find references online regarding this, how the criteria for a design are proportional and neat. However, it is different if you want to make a sticker design for your personal use, maybe you will create it freely based on your creativity. 

2. Hard-to-Read Fonts 

On a sticker, there are usually fonts that contain an invitation or quote or other product description. Choosing the fonts you use needs to be done carefully and make sure they are easy to read. It should be effortless to just understand the message on it with only a one-time look. If you create the sticker in an application like Adobe Illustrator, then you can choose from the various default fonts provided. Using common, easy-to-read fonts will optimize the delivery of your message to the public. 

3. Not Doing a Double Check 

Before you hand over your sticker design files to be printed at the printing shop, you are strongly advised to double-check them. More than double if it necessary, why is that? Because there is often a miss in writing letters, numbers, maybe even overlapping designs. If you only check once, maybe nothing wrong. But once you printed it, you will regret it when there is a typo on the sticker. Therefore, make sure you check the results of your design before you print the sticker. 

4. The Same Colour as the Background 

Choosing the colour and its combination that you use is an important process in making stickers. Especially when you use more than one colour. You need to consider the mix and match between the design images, writing, and background colours used. If you choose a colour that is similar or even the same between the text and the background, without a stroke in the text, then it's fatal. The writing and the background will appear together and you can see only the image design. This also can happen when you don't double-check. The colour setting when you design for the first time in the application also has a big effect on the colour accuracy you want. Make sure you know the basics of designing an application first. You can see various online tutorials, or ask your colleagues who know more about this. 

5. Miss in the Quality of Material 

The choice of material on the sticker that you will make is very important for the long-term use of the sticker. If you choose a sticker for use outside the room, then you need to choose a sticker that is strong and thick enough so that the sticker won't easily tear apart.