As in the B2B area, there are no rules for a successful B2C presence. Individual consideration is in no way a substitute for the following tips. They only serve as a general guide. 

#1 Emotions Are Key 

While the B2B area is more fact and number-driven, emotions play an essential role in contacting end customers. Private persons/individuals would like to be picked up.  

They have no budgets that have to be adhered to - no matter what the cost. If they see a personal benefit in your offer, they are willing to pay more and wait longer.

Be particularly empathetic with this target group, tell stories and respond to your problems, needs, and wishes! 

#2 Use Meaningful Effects 

The play instinct is in our DNA, as shown by Maslow's hierarchy of needs. We all remain children who love adventure. That is why the use of effects on the website is attractive for the consumer target group.  

Of course, meaningfulness and relevance should not be lost sight of. So, if you work as a tax advisor or lawyer, you should avoid fancy animations and choose the good old mouseover or a subtle scrolling effect.  

But if you want to address a young target group or do you work for discerning design customers, then dare! Make sure, however, that the loading time for the mobile application remains within limits. 

#3 Present Yourself In A Friendly and Trusting Way 

The B2C area is about humanity, trust, and closeness. Your customers will feel at home with you when they feel they are in good hands.  

Prove it to him with your content too! Pick him up, show him that you understand him and his claims and that you have the solution.

Show your personality by presenting your team and your contact persons with a photo!