#4 Invest In Good SEO Work 

The research time for suitable partners and service providers is much longer in the consumer area than in business.

Again and again, I hear from my tradesman customers how many comparison offers are obtained and then not accepted and how much consultation time is necessary, especially with private customers.

However, many craftsmen do not even have an Internet presence or only a poor one. Often they are only found through recommendation. The really big fish get others. 

If you would like to have one of these big fish served in the future, you should make sure that you can be found. Especially in urban areas with a large crowd, Google is often used, attracting interested parties to the service providers.  

So make sure that the world's largest search engine can find you. Since the whole thing is not that easy for laypeople, you should get a professional, ideally an agency, on board. 

#5 Try Videos 

If larger sums of money are invested in the private sector, a lot of time is spent in the decision-making process.

The end customer wants to understand what he gets from the product or service but is also very interested in the development process and how it works.  

You can pack this and other decision-making factors, such as the trustworthiness of your company and team or your business premises, ideally in a professionally made image film.  

Statistics show that more and more videos are being shown online and that YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world. To be represented here should already be a duty today.  

Furthermore, videos on your website have the nice side effect that you increase the length of stay of your customers and thus the willingness to . Instead of issuing traditional flyer printing, videos can communicae with people's emotion.