In addition to standard stickers such as windows, vinyl, or paper stickers, barcode stickers can also be ordered online. There are many different types of barcodes, such as codes that consist of digits, numbers, or letters. Punctuation marks can also be used as barcodes. Here, you can find out what these codes are used for and what you should consider when placing an order: 

The Most Common Areas of Application 

Barcode stickers are used to pass on important information for identification, inventory, shipping, or tracking parcels. This type of sticker is also used in logistics, department stores, or product stickers.  

The so-called Global Trade Item Number, also known as GTIN, is probably the most widely used code, as it is used internationally to identify products. The GTIN codes include codes such as the EAN, UPC, or ISBN code. These barcodes can facilitate and accelerate processes, such as the scanning of products. 

Barcode Sticker Printing for EAN Code 

EAN is the abbreviation for European article number. This code can be found on almost all prepackaged products. There are different EAN codes, such as the EAN-13 or EAN-8 code.  

Should the code be a little smaller, like on small chewing gum or chocolate bar packaging? The EAN-8 code can then be used optimally, as this code is shorter than that of the EAN-13 code.  

For example, in the energy sector, the so-called EAN-18 code is used, with each energy connection being given a unique code so that network operators and energy suppliers can communicate with one another quickly and easily. 

QR Code Sticker Printing 

QR stands for Quick Response and originally comes from the automotive industry. The code was developed to identify the minor auto parts efficiently.  

The QR code is now used for marketing purposes or to pass on important information. However, to read the QR code, a unique app is required that can read the code.  

But what exactly does a QR code look like? The so-called QR code consists of squares of various sizes that result in an overall square image that can be easily scanned.  

QR codes are also available in different versions, such as the micro or IQR, whereby the micro QR code is more minor, and the QR code is rectangular. 

The Right Choice of Material For Barcode Stickers 

Various materials are available for barcode stickers, such as white or transparent vinyl, high-tack vinyl, PP film, and paper. High-Tack Vinyl is provided with an extra-strong adhesive and adheres to surfaces containing PE and PP.  

This vinyl is also provided with a laminate as standard, making the sticker even more robust and resistant. Depending on the surface for which the barcode sticker is intended, the material should also be individually adapted.  

Should the sticker also be used outdoors? Then you should use vinyl or PP film, as the paper is not weather-resistant. With a quantity of 500 or 1,000 stickers, we recommend purchasing practical stickers on a roll, which are inexpensive to manufacture and practical to use. Besides, the adhesive can be used roll stickers can be chosen individually. 

Order Barcode Stickers with Consecutive Numbering 

Barcode stickers can also be ordered with consecutive numbers. This is associated with additional costs. To order barcode sticker printing with consecutive numbering, you can first obtain an offer.  

Please note that consecutive numbering cannot be printed on a roll due to the production process. Would you like to order stickers without numbering?  

Then you can simply fill out the order form and upload a finished print file or use the sticker designer to design.