What is a Common Seal? What is it Useful For?

A common seal or company seal is an office tool that holds a very important purpose of authorizing and authenticating a document. It can be useful for many business transactions that are important for the company. What can not be used is for meeting minutes or agreements at a service level along with vendor contracts.

A common seal acts as the official seal of the company, so this means that a common seal is regarded as the official signature of the organization or company.

A common seal's mechanism is that it sandwiches a piece of paper between two metal plates where the metal plate is craved with the company's logo or symbol along with its registration date. It is an ink-free tool that will leave an embossed impression on the paper that makes any document with its mark look more proper and elegant. You can really emphasize the professionalism of your work and give off a better impression by doing this simple action.

Other than authorizing and authenticating documents, a common seal can be useful for other purposes as well. A common seal has the power to substitute the signature of a company’s director in case of absence. Of course, it needs to be done with the director’s approval only. It is very important and the use of a common seal needs to be recorded. So, the storage of this seal must be done carefully. It needs to be placed in a safe place so that it can not be used for ill purposes.

Another use of a common seal is to act as a reminder for the company executive to do a final check of the document before it gets released. Before stamping the common seal onto the paper, the company director must always remember to check for any mistake in the document and ensure its perfection to avoid any complications in the future.

How Can a Company Get a Common Seal?

First thing first, the company must make sure that the business is already registered with the government. If haven't, then it must first follow the instructions for company registration. This is important because, upon registration, the company will receive a registration number. This registration number must be present in the design of the common seal so that it can be acknowledged as a valid common seal.

After getting the registration number, then the design of the common seal is next required. It is simple. Usually, people just put together the logo of the company with the registration number. Then, this design is to be handed to a common seal manufacturer.

A common seal manufacturer will carve the design of the common seal onto a metal plate. Then, two metal plates are joined together onto a handle after they are cooled down. Simply putting it, the process of common seal manufacture is complete at this point.

Try to find a manufacturer that can get you the best quality common seal for a durable tool for long use.