Basic Knowledge About Company Stamp in Singapore You Must Understand


Companies use a variety of methods to manage their core business operations. A company stamp, also known as a company chop in Singapore, is one of the most important tools to do so. A company stamp is a method that allows a company to sign documents such that legal files so that they can be released or executed properly.


What is a Company Stamp?

Simply put, a company stamp is a tool that consists of two opposing metal plates attached to a handle made of metal. The business name and incorporation date are etched in letters on the two plates, which is the requirement for it to be regarded as valid.


The Way a Company Stamp Works

By pressing the two metal plates on the two sides of a piece of paper is how you can make business stamps manage to leave an imprint on a paper. The business name or whatever is carved on the metal plates is then embossed on the paper's surface, leaving a permanent label that signatures the document's authorization or whatever it represents.


Getting a Company Stamp in Singapore

First and foremost, a business must register with the appropriate government agency, in this case, ACRA. The corporation will be allowed to begin creating its company stamp after being officially registered and receiving its registration date. 


When designing the stamp for manufacture, you need to make sure that it shows the name of the company clearly.  It is acceptable to use an abbreviation, but it is not really recommended. The registration date must also be displayed on the stamp. Of course, it is also a great idea to use the company stamp to make it seem more professional.


Purpose of a Company Stamp

As previously stated, a company stamp is most widely used to approve papers. The documents that have been approved by a stamp are called deeds. Another type of document that can be signed with a company stamp is called written contracts. 


People Who Can Use Business Stamp

A company stamp is mainly used by the decision-maker of the company, such as the directors. They have full authority regarding who can use the stamp.  Apart from that, someone who has been given authority by the company director will use a company stamp. However, this is not a simple task. This decision requires a board vote, which must be documented in the meeting minutes.


A business owner who approves a document with a company stamp must also give a signature along with it. After that, another director or the company secretary must countersign the document for it to be approved. This also extends to someone who has been granted permission by the company director to use the company stamp.


Using a Company Stamp Outside of Singapore

If you're wondering whether or not it is possible for a company stamp to be used outside of Singapore, then the answer is possible, especially for international work agreement. It is better for your company to make two separate stamps if you need to work with your stamp overseas so that one can still be used in the origin country.