What Are the Basics of a Business Card That Goes Down Well? It is Very Simple: 

Shape: Some people prefer the commercially available rectangular standard business card, which fits well in the wallet, even if various comments believed that an unusual shape would be an advantage to attract attention and be remembered. 

Text color: Most people think black text or text in a color that contrasts nicely with the background works best because it makes it easier to read. 

Typeface: Most people agreed that typefaces that make the text difficult to read should be avoided. Many also suggested that the font should be in line with other publications by the company. 

Essential information - name, company, email address, office telephone number, mobile phone number, job title, and office address. 

The base should be a clean, legible card that fits in with the rest of your branding design. 

Quality Controls 

It would be best if you correctly proofread every word. Typos, especially when concentrated in such a small space, indicate a lack of care and should not be associated with your brand image.  

Also, look at the design with a critical eye: make sure it doesn't look cluttered - less is more. Below you will find the most critical business card printing mistakes that our survey participants found unforgivable: 

What to Avoid: 

  • Typos or spelling errors  
  • Text that is too small to read 
  • Cluttered Design  
  • Unfavorable color combinations  
  • Clipart images