Some Dos and Don'ts 

Logo: Some customers said that they value a unique logo on a business card. Use your logo when you are proud of it - this is how you stand out from the crowd. 

Designer look: Some people appreciate a card that looks like it was professionally designed, but that doesn't mean you have to hire someone. Keep the design clean and straightforward for a professional appearance. You can also search for sample designs online to get an impression. And remember to avoid the infamous clipart! 

Photo: Although your card serves as a reminder of who you are after a first personal encounter, some people do not want to see a photo of the owner on a business card. Apparently, a picture is not always worth a thousand words. 

Social media: Some people dislike seeing social media information on business cards. While it's trending, Facebook and other social media should only appear on your business card if these forums are relevant to your customers and an active part of your business. 

Uniform But Not Boring 

A simple business card doesn't have to be boring. The look should match the other marketing materials, advertising techniques, and your brand's online presence and show your logo to underline your unique identity.  

A simple card that contains only the most critical information signals that you value your customers' time and attention. If you still want to add something unique, choose a simple effect - such as spot varnish or special paper - that can subtly add that uniqueness to your card without overdoing it. 

Remain Authentic 

A authentic business card printing is often used to be well remembered after a first personal impression. For customers you have not yet met in person, it acts as your deputy. So create a card that feels authentic and represents yourself and your brand well - and hand it over with confidence.