3. The Materials  

The choice of material during the process is very important. The material determines the 'fate' of the sticker that you make. Will it last long? waterproof? Doesn't it tear easily? Shinny or matte finish? You name it. There are many materials selections you can choose from. Commonly used materials, such as mirrorkote stickers, have the characteristics of a gloss surface that can be written on, are slightly water-resistant, and are not tearproof. Also, one of the cheapest options you can get. Matt white sticker, on the other hand, is a sticker with a matt surface, as the name implies. Additionally, it can be written on, tearproof, and waterproof. Another type of sticker is a transparent sticker. It is a transparent sticker that cannot be written on, with no white backing since it is transparent but tearproof and waterproof. 

4. The Size and Where to Put It 

This point is correlated with the choice of material, why is that? First, because the size determines what area or narrow the surface of the sticker can be applied to? After that, you also need to know whether the place is indoor or outdoor? Because stickers that are placed outdoors will require a material with higher durability. Whether it's waterproof or tearproof, it's different from the stickers that will be used indoors. The sticker will be relatively safer because the atmosphere in the room is relatively stable and free from rain. 

Hopefully, this short article somehow helps you in the process of making Singapore stickers!