1. Determine the Logo That You Will Use as a Stamp 

When you make a stamp, you must already have the logo. The logo will be printed on a rubber that absorbs ink. Then the ink will mark a document that you stamps. This logo is usually with the approval of the company directors. As executor, it is necessary to coordinate further so that the rubber stamps are made correctly and under the direction of the board of directors. This is to minimize the occurrence of errors and leakage of stamps on irresponsible parties.  

2. Use a Proportional Size 

Make sure you use a size that is not too big and nor too small. If it is too large, the signature will be invisible and will take up space on the document. Likewise, if it is too small, it causes the logo to be obscured by a signature or other part of the document. Stamp makers usually have several preset sizes that you can use as a reference. We recommend that you use the reference size. 

3. Make Several of Them Before Launch 

Before you officially launch your business, you need to have several stamps for various departments in your company. This is to minimize the working time of a job that requires stamps. If it is one for all, then you can imagine how long you will have to wait and find these stamps. Besides that, it is always good to have a spare just in case. You can make rubber stamp in Singapore. 

4. Make Sure It Represents Something  

The logo on the stamps you created must represent the company. Whether it's in terms of logos, writing, or both. This is to make it easier for internal and external parties to recognize the document. 

5. Easy to Read  

The combination of logos and writing on a rubber stamp should be made well so it is easy to read. This is very important considering that the stamp will take a journey from one place to another. And every place that it passes will go through the screening stage, at least it will be read by a representative from the company or other party. In this process, it is important to have an official document with stamps for easy reading at one time. 

6. Make It Simple 

Simplistic is always a go-to, especially when you make a document that is official and will be used by many. Also, if your logo might be lost, you will have no trouble creating it again because the logo is simple. Even if you use a service, the graphic designer will have no trouble because the logo is simple. It will also save you time and money. 

7. Store It Somewhere Safe 

You need to store the rubber stamps in a safe place. Safe in the sense that the temperature is not too cold nor too hot. Too cold will cause the ink to harden and be tough during the stamping process. Hot temperatures will also have a bad impact on its durability. Also, only interested persons can be trusted to use these company stamps. This is to avoid irresponsible use and the risk of being brought to court.