A sticker is a tool for displaying an image or writing with an adhesive material that can stick. Stickers are usually used in various things such as packaging for food and beverage products, as well as various goods. There are various surfaces that you can stick stickers on, such as wood, metal, glass, paper, and others. Making stickers is also relatively easy, but you need to pay attention to the following points when making stickers. 

1. Use the Right Size 

You need to calculate the size of the sticker first based on the design chosen. A size that is too large will cost a lot. If it is not balanced with calculations of where it will be placed, it will be disastrous. Conversely, a size that is too small will be less likely to be noticed. Determine in advance the designation of the stickers that you make. Thus, you will be able to consider what size is most suitable. You can use reference sizes found in various printing shops, or search for references online. You can also consult a graphic designer that makes your stickers logo. 

2. Make Sure the Design Is Easy to 'Digest' 

Design that is easy to understand will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of messages on stickers. Especially if your stickers are for promotion and increase engagement with potential consumers. You can create a type of sticker that is easy to read and understand by putting it to the test. Maybe you can ask your colleagues or relatives about the sticker designs you have. Their opinion will give you useful insights to correct your design so that it stands out more. 

3. Consider the Material Selection 

The choice of this material depends on your preferences. This includes how long you want the sticker to last. As well, where you will place it. If you want to stick the sticker outside the room, then you need to use a thick material with high durabilities such as water resistance or heat resistance. This will automatically make the material that is not easily torn apart. Unlike the use of stickers in the room, or not too much exposure to sunlight, ordinary types of material will suffice. You can consult this on the sticker printing shop that you use the service for. 

4. Use Colour Combinations  

The use of colour needs to be within reasonable limits so that it is not overwhelming, nor underwhelming. You can use your favourite colour preference. Make sure it doesn't tire your eyes when you see it. Because the vibrant colour combination will cause the eyes to tire easily. So that people will not be interested in seeing these stickers. Use the colour palette references available online if you need to. 

5. Choose a Strategic 

Choosing a strategic place is very important so that your engagement and sales increase. Especially when you use the sticker for a commercial product. A sticker that stands out and is interesting will steal the attention of your potential customers to come closer and buy the product offered. Make sure you choose a place with high mobility or high traffic. Good luck!