After Vaccination 

Stay a bit to make sure you're all right. Since receiving the vaccine, the healthcare provider can monitor you for 15 minutes for any acute reactions. Extreme health-related responses, on the other hand, are uncommon. 

Be aware of the potential adverse effects. Vaccines are intended to offer protection without putting you at risk of developing the disease.

While it is possible to develop immunity without experiencing any side effects, it is also normal to experience mild to moderate side effects that go away on their own within a few days. 

Following are several mild to moderate side effects that you might experience after getting the vaccine: 

  • In the region of the puncture, there is a pain in the shoulder. 
  • A slight fever is present. 
  • Tiredness 
  • Pain in the head 
  • Pressure in the muscles or joints 
  • Chills shivering 
  • Diarrhea  

Call the healthcare provider as quickly as possible if some of the signs last more than a couple of days or if you have a more severe reaction. Patience is needed. Immunity requires time to develop.