Since some years ago, the economy in Seychelles has grown stably and become sturdier, reaching the point that has taken a leading position in Africa, having the largest Gross Domestic Product per capita.

These improvements in its economy turn Seychelles into an attractive location for investment in various businesses. Some options are: 

Private Concierge Services 

This service has an investment starting around USD 2.000, with revenues of around USD 138.700 and a 20% profit margin. As a basic activity, there is a big demand for this service becoming a growing business that already has plenty of companies serving numerous clients and more that are forming. 

Catering Business in Seychelles 

This business is also constantly developing with a little higher amount for initial investment but a profit margin of 22% and a high revenue of several tens of thousands of dollars.

Many companies have taken their chances in this service, and their profits are significant. Even so, there are still various investment opportunities for companies to take part in it.

Besides, there are some Company Registration services well informed about the industry and ready to guide you step by step for success. 

Dietician Business 

Currently, Seychelles represents the world's most vegetarian-friendly state; this also opened new business opportunities to dietician businesses, which have revenues around USD 200.000 with relatively low initial investments.

The industry takes advantage of that the Ministry of Health raises the nation's awareness about a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of a good diet.

These mean that current times are exceptionally good to become a dietician, in addition to Company Registration agents specialize advising you about establishing your business.